The WISE consortium provides workshops that focus on preparation and delivery of courses to support graduate professional education in library and information science.  The faculty teaching WISE workshops have received training and have access to instructional design support.  This includes pedagogical training on:

  1. methods and tools to convert face-to-face learning to the online environment;
  2. effective integration of resources, including instructor-created content, existing Web-based material, and guest experts;
  3. making effective use of synchronous and asynchronous options for presentation of discussion and content;
  4. facilitating group work;
  5. strategies for sharing student work;
  6. student assessment; and
  7. understanding diverse student needs.

WISE faculty training has been offered both online and face-to-face at several conferences including The Association for Library and Information Science Education Annual Conference and The American Library Association Annual Conference.  If you are interested in participating in future training opportunities, see the Updates listings on this website.  Faculty resources are also available at the Faculty page on this website and at